Our Facilities

With over 3000 sq feet of indoor and outdoor play areas we offer your pet a well-rounded and safe environment for them to just be dogs.  For safety and hygiene we meticulously clean all floors, and lounging areas and we also have added a large Medical Air Purifier for our indoor spaces.

My golden retriever Toby has been going to Home Buddies on a daily basis for almost a year. I am a first time dog owner and to say I was extremely nervous in the first several months is an understatement. I felt I couldn’t leave. Toby was extremely shy when he first attended Home Buddies.

He was intimidated by all dogs, no matter how small. Within short order, he grew to love Home Buddies and in fact I can now barely contain him in the car…..he races into Home Buddies each and every morning….

Monica V.



Home Away From Home

This room feature couches, chairs, pillows and lots of toys for you dog to feel relaxed in. They can play and have fun or just lounge around.



Indoor Open Area

This area feature a large, open play space for your dog to really have fun with the rest of the pack.  In addition we have large, comfortable, bedded, kennels (6 x 3 feet) for time outs or overnight boarding. 



Outdoor Oasis

Our outdoor area is a large, fenced in area complete with AstroTurf and plenty of toys and balls to play with.  In the summer we provide wading pools for the dogs frolic in.  This area is really what sets us apart from the pack.